In Heartland Institute Leak, a Plan to Discredit Climate Teaching –

The Heartland Institute plans to discredit climate teaching are dripping with irony and dissimilation. Let’s begin with the irony that folks from the “heartland”—as distinguished from, say, “inside the beltway” or “the coasts”—are a bunch of cynical liars who will go to any lengths to discredit sound science and recreate climate conditions our planet has not witnessed since the Precambrian Era (if you believe in that kind of nonsense, which, of course, people of the “Heartland” do not).

The truth is nearly the opposite, on all fronts. The folks who populate the Institute are your consummate “inside the beltway” types, Washington insiders from top to bottom, who pad their Washington credentials with a bevy of Wall Street bona fides to boot. These shills for big oil and big carbon have the audacity then to market themselves as the friends of the “simple folk” in the heartland; haw, haw, haw.

And they plan to do so by attacking the already embattled public school system and its already embattled science curriculum. So let’s undermine the funding for public education and then throw millions of corporate dollars at a campaign to prevent public school children from learning the sound science behind climate change.

Not in my Heartland!

In Heartland Institute Leak, a Plan to Discredit Climate Teaching –

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