Worth the Gamble

Dateline March 16, 2017: Trump voters punish Trump for policies that harm them. Are you kidding? Really?

Let’s assume for a moment that pain comes with its own diagnosis and treatment. Well, yes, then in that case, Trump voters, punished by the flight of manufacturing abroad, will recognize that the fake President’s policies have left them even worse off than before his election.

Now let us assume that pain does not come with either its own diagnosis or its own treatment. Trump voters really do not know why or how things got so bad. Trump voters really do not know how to fix it. Which means that when their world takes a turn for the worse — when tax subsidies from blue states stop flowing to recipients in red states, when blue states adopt their own versions of Obamacare, leaving red states with Wealthcare (care for the wealthy), and when blue states fully fund education and training for all their citizens, while red states languish under the weight of poorly funded schools and minimum wage jobs — Trump voters are just as likely to believe that it is the Democrats who are still, though out of office at every level of federal government, giving them hardship. The fake President and his Congressional allies have tried to help ease their pain. But NAFTA, and the EU, and United Nations, and blue state Democrats, and Hillary and Barrack and Michelle are out to get them.

So, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to tune in to Fox News tonight. Listen carefully. Not one peep about the harm the fake President’s policies are inflicting on Trump supporters. ‘Nuff said.


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