Further Remarks on Phenomenology of Spirit

But although desire and work were unable to effect the negation for self-consciousness) this polemical bearing, towards the manifold independence of things will, on the other hand, be successful, because it turns against them as a free self-consciousness that is already complete in its own self; more specifically, because it is thinking, or is in its own self infinite, and in this infinitude the independent things in their differences from one another are for it only vanishing magnitudes. The differences, which in the pure thinking of self-consciousness are only the abstraction of differences, here become the entirety of the differences, and the whole of differentiated being becomes a difference of self-consciousness.


In the multivariate universe that GWF Hegel is contemplating, each determinate datapoint occupies the center of a web of relationships that in aggregate have neither center nor boundary. This point of departure for skepticism is unable to account for its own determinateness, the place it occupies in this web, and therefore its own shape. To what does skepticism owe this disability?

Only if my aim is to shape the totality, or to self-consciously express the totality; only in that case would I lose track of what is nearest to hand, to its determinateness and to mine.

This is the market. It has no center or boundary. Each seller and purchaser, each producer and investor, is a determinate datapoint from the a web of relationships fans out in all directions. The freedom of unknowing is the freedom of the market actor. The totality is its God.

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