Romney works to disenfranchise active duty service members

Joseph W.H. Lough

Its called “caging” and here’s how it works. Take a sampling of active duty service members categorized by race. Category: BL. Send “Do Not Forward” ground mail to active duty African American service members; send the mail to their unit base. Of course, they are not at their base. They are risking their lives in the field of combat. However, since you affixed “Do Not Forward” to your ground mail, the envelop is returned to the post office; proof that said African American service member does not exist and, therefore, cannot vote. The returned mail is literally put in a “cage.” When said African American service member casts his or her ballot, you step forward to challenge the ballot, since, as you have already demonstrated, said service member does not exist at that address. And, so, without lifting a finger, you have disenfranchised one of the largest enlisted groups in the U.S. military, which just happens to vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

This is just one of the many strategies developed and deployed by Karl Rove on behalf of the Mitt Romney campaign. There are many others. (See